General Information

Questions about ordering

How do I make an order?

We prefer you to order online if you possibly can. If you are struggling please contact us for advice and help.

For customers in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man & Channel Islands

Simply add your required products to the Shopping Cart and then follow the Checkout process.

The available delivery options & costs are shown in the Delivery Method section of the Checkout process.

For customers in the European Union & other International countries

Due to the varied sizes and weights of our products we cannot automatically calculate delivery costs.

So that we can offer the lowest cost delivery options we ask that you simply add the products you require to your Shopping Cart and checkout using the Quotation Request process.

Please note that you need to Login / Register Account to use the Quotation Request process. When registering an account please select European Union or International as appropriate in the Customer Group section.

We will then send you a Quote which will include full Delivery Costs.

You will then be able to Accept the Quote and complete your order using the standard Checkout process.

How do I know that my order has been received?

You will receive an email confirming your order. If this email is not received within 4 hours please contact us. Please remember to check your Spam / Junk folder before contacting us.

Please note: If you type in your email address wrongly the email will not arrive.

I have made a mistake on my order

Just contact us and we will sort it out.

What are the benefits of creating an account?

When you create an account your details will be safely stored and it will speed up your order process. You will also be able to see your previous orders, save your address details and checkout more easily.

Please note: We never hold your debit/credit card details nor do we have any access to them. All debit/credit card payments are processed securely by our payment provider Worldpay.

Questions about stock, delivery & packaging

Are all your products in stock & how long does it take to send orders?

We aim to hold stock for all of our products listed and in most cases are able to despatch your order within 2 working days. Monday is our busiest day as we are sending out orders from the weekend, so an order made on Sunday may not be despatched until Wednesday.

Occasionally we may not have a particular item that is shown as being in stock. Should this be the case with your order, we are usually able to manufacture the product here in our Bournemouth factory and will contact you and provide you with an estimated despatch date. Should you wish to cancel your order, a full refund will be given.

We use a local company in the manufacturing process of our Exhaust Pipes so are unable to give an estimate of when a Pipe will be ready for despatch should it be out of stock. For this reason, Pipes that we do not currently have in stock are listed as Out of Stock. Should you require one of these Pipes please contact us and we will provide you an estimate for when it will be ready for despatch. Alternatively, you can place an Order for the Pipe in the usual way. Again, we will provide you an estimated date that it will be ready for despatch and, should you wish to cancel your order, a full refund will be given.

How long does delivery take?

This depends on the Delivery Option selected when placing your order.

Are all your items exactly as they appear on your website?

Most of our products are manufactured individually so there will always be some very minor differences, e.g. welds. We take care to ensure that our photographs accurately represent the products for sale on our website.

Why do you use recycled packaging?

To minimise costs and to be as environmentally friendly as possible we look to reuse the packaging from the deliveries we have received where this is suitable. Therefore your order may be sent using recycled packaging.

Questions about payment

What payments do you accept?

Payment can be made by debit/credit card, bank transfer, cheque or money order. When paying by bank transfer, cheque or money order your order will not be sent until we receive payment.

How can I pay for an order from outside the UK?

Sorry, but Euros, Dollars or any other foreign currency cannot be accepted. If you pay via debit/credit card you can pay in British Pounds and your debit/credit card company will convert at the prevailing rate of exchange. We do not accept bank transfers, cheques or money orders drawn on foreign banks.

Questions about problems and returns

What if I have a problem?

We will help you to sort it out. Please contact us or email us at explaining the problem.

What happens if my order doesn't turn up as expected?

Very occasionally parcels fails to arrive. In these circumstances we will do our utmost to find out what has gone wrong and keep you fully informed.

If my order has been lost do I still have to pay for it?

Don't worry, we can send a duplicate order, credit or refund you should your order not arrive.

Please note: We will not give a refund if you have given an incomplete address or the wrong post / area code. Please double check this when you order.

What should I do if any of my goods are damaged?

Please let us know as soon as you receive your goods by entering the appropriate details on the Product Returns page. We will let you know if we need them to be returned.

How do I return an item?

To return an item please enter the appropriate details on the Product Returns page. We will then contact you to inform you of what to do next.

Help... I am not happy

What to do if you are unhappy with our service

If something is bothering you please contact us or email us at as quickly as possible. We will do our best to work out a satisfactory solution and discover where the problem arose. Please remember that we all try our best to give great service, if something goes wrong it's probably human error. We can all have bad days.

Any complaints we receive will be carefully looked at and replied to. Luckily we get very few, but we would rather hear about a problem and keep you as a customer than lose you and never know what the problem was. Your worry may also help us to improve our service in the future.